* I wrote this a few days after the sickest concert experience of my life! More of my pics at the bottom.

Concert Tickets- $115.00 each.
T-Shirt- $35.00
Food- $25.00
Hotel- $67.00
Gas- $110.00
Speeding Ticket- $95.00

Seeing Lupe Fiasco, Nikki Jean, Matthew Santos, Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Kanye West on the Glow in the Dark Tour 14th row center…


“This tour will go down in history and I will go up in history.”- Kanye West

So I couldn’t just not write about it, esp.since I’ve been thinking about it for two days straight (and probably will be thinking about for the next two weeks like a mad woman). I’ve been to a good amount of concerts but this is the best concert I’ve ever been to and probably will ever go to.

The show was amazing! point. blank. period. When I found out who was on the bill I was like, “Man, some of my favorite artist? I gotsa go!". And then I found out, wow, they aren’t coming to STL and Im have class that day...fuck. On Kanye's blog, he kept talking about how the set was crazy and how dope the show would be but I didn’t understand until I saw a and my mouth dropped. Then all these video blogs pop up basically saying it will "change your life”and how it is so “inspiring” and then P.Diddy does one later where he says,“the concert changed my life," and "I was so impressed and inspired. I fell in love with hip hop again."

So Im like fuck it, I will go wild and crazy kids if I dont see this show, so I ended up getting some tickets that day. Eventhough N.E.R.D wasnt at the Quad City show on that I went to on 6/12 I think it was better b/c the Chicago seats sucked and Quad City is a smaller arena! I ended up with some dope seats on the floor, inside aisle, so close to Ye and friends! And fyi, N.E.R.D was not there but eff them. lol

We couldn’t bring in cameras but of course being the paparazzi I am, I snuck it in anyway. We bought our dope shirts and went in just in time for Lupe. And of course, he was so dope! Nikki Jean and Matthew Santos were there and they were hella good as well. Then Lupe says, “So this is the last date on the Glow in the Dark Tour. And you know what they say about the last? We save the best for last!” I was very geeked at this point, lol, I didnt know it was the last show. But of course, Lupe was dope.

Then Rihanna comes out... hella pretty as expected. And she did “Paper Planes”, a Beenie Man cover, and “That Thing” by Lauryn Hill. Then she sang “Don’t Stong the Music” and this dude comes out with a red hoodie and a Jabbawockeez mask looking like a Kappa. Lol Me and Leslie knew it was Chris Brown and we were being such dorks about it, flibling all around. He was up there messing with her acting hella goofy and she kept bugging up but hardly anyone realized it was him. Then he came out later w/o the mask and sang “Umbrella/Cinderella” with her and they are too cute together. And then come to find out later, while she was performing it was like and there was a freaking tornado and a crazy flood. But anywho then the 30 intermission… then ya boy.

Kanye to the...FUCKING KILLED IT! I have so much more respect for him, it’s not even funny. And he has every right to be the cocky ma' fugga he is! His show was inspiring, seriously(especially for someone who has always dreamed of being a singer). All the songs meshed together with his story(of being lost in space) perfectly and it was like every movement was a picture. The set was so dope, the lights were sick(kinda reminds me of the Coldplay iTunes commercial, lol) and the pics don’t do it justice. The show was just hype. I loved the performances to “I Wonder” “Flashing Lights” “Good Life” “Heard Em Say” “Jesus Walks” “Spaceships” “Stronger” and “Touch the Sky” and everyone was spazzing out and throwing up the rock. "Touch the Sky" was especially dope b/c Lupe came back out and at the end they just stood back to back with their arms crossed looking like the two flyest niggas on planet Earth, lol.“Hey Mama” was sweet and I noticed this older white lady crying in the audience who was there with her daughter. Lol BTW, he said he made his first beat 4 days ago in 8 months since his mom passed and that the tour was a way to “Let me go crazy in a good way, instead of the wrong way.” But here are some of my fav. quotes:

Kanye: "Who are you?" Stars: "We are shooting stars." Kanye: "Well Im Kanye to the." Stars: "Of course we know who you are. You are the biggest star in the uuuuniiiiverse."

“I'm through being fake! You thought I was cocky before?! I don’t care who you are! Madonna, Biggie, Michael Jackson,The Beatles, Elvis, Tupac. Im coming for your spot! The greatest of all time!!!!" -Kanye

Kanye: I cant believe were back on this planet. I mean Ive been away for so long..all I need is some pussy.Jane(his spaceship): I can help you with that.“

"This tour will go down in history and I will go up in history." -Kanye

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