STR8 against Prop H8!

I am anti--Prop 8.

And no, I am not a lesbian or bi, but I am someone who can't stand to see discrimination on any level. I don’t understand how a country that was built on religious freedom and so-called "separation of church and state" could deny anyone the right to marry someone they love. I honestly never got the big fucking problem with gay people; how can you hate on love? I never understood hate towards a group of people who are different than yourself. And I sure as hell don't understand how in 2008, the majority is still dictating the lives of the minority. It is no different than the fight for Black rights, women rights, or legal interracial marriage. I talked to a man who thought that if gay and lesbian couples were allowed to marry than it would then destroy all marriage. He thought it would then be legal for humans and animals to get married or 3 people to get married together. LMAO right? And the kicker, he is Black(and did I mention he voted for McCain just because he is so anti-gay?). I definitely don't understand how Black people, or minorities in general, can support something that was denied to those before us. Gay and lesbian rights are the next phase in Civil Rights and I am so happy that I can be at least one person to support their cause. People have told me, “Well people are gonna think that you are gay." Well guess what? I honestly don't give a fuck, seriously. In my opinion, that's like the equivalent of a racist White person calling someone who supported the Civil Rights movement in the 60's "a nigger lover".

“To throw oneself to the side of the oppressed is the only dignified thing to do in life” 

"You can't hold a man down without staying down with him."

And please Christians, leave the judgment to Jesus. It is not your job to tell someone how they should live their life and who they can or cannot love. We are not perfect,therefore stop acting like you are the key to all things virtuous. We should probably be worried about our flipped up economy or our 3, yes count them, 1...2...3 wars that we are fighting in. And I could keep going with the shit we need to be worried about besides someone's pursuit of happiness.

So please, for those who support Prop 8, stop being a hater.

It’s so lame.

* I have pics below from the nation wide protest on 11/15 against Prop 8 in STL.

Hey hoes :)
One of my signs.

So true.

Q: Who would Jesus hate? A: No one.

So true Ab! lol

Lol. I swear someone paid the bus driver. Perfection.

lol. Nice one.
Amen brother! lol

Those colors don't bleed either.

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