School is kicking my a-s-s and I have so much ish to do this week! I was doing my best to limit the computer time until all of my work is done but it's just not working so I'm going cold turkey after this post (until the weekend or sometime next week=no more finals! woo-hoo!). I am so behind on pictures and THE weakest videos (all the way from freakin summer time through Thanksgiving) so I should have some good stuff when I'm done being a hostage to this h-dub (that's how I pronounce it when I'm feeling cool, lol).

I have a 16-page paer due in 2 days and I only have 3 pages so far! I tried to write it last night with the help a 24 oz. cappuccino but I fell asleep like 15 min.later,lol,so I'm bringing this out

yes! This better work.


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