Honey, I'm home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leslie aka LMo aka me!

Sorry I don't get to blog as much as I should, but I'm new to this site, and I will try to contribute more. :) So instead of writing a gaggle of things about myself, I'll just add some pics for now.

Christmas night :)
Hangin out in STL
The bro-ham
I love these girls!
Fun times in Barbados lol
Some of my Mizzou lovelies
Araina looking crazy in the cut lol
Tell me he doesn't look like Wayne lol

Well thats all for now folks..I'm about to go eat some Chicken and Rice Campbells soup and be lazy in my apartment.

"Whats up with all these circumstances: you're dead, you're black....damn, I'm Emily Rose B*tch" lol (smile Jai)

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