Man dies from exposure to cold while sleepwalking!

Let me just say this is crazy! I thought it was a joke at first! Horrible.
But it is so cold here...a high of freaking 3 degrees and it is so windy, I feel like I'm in Chicago! It's so damn cold I'm just gonna run from building to building tom. on campus, with my arms straight down my side just to make it even more akward. lol
HAYWARD — A 51-year-old sleepwalker died from exposure in the subzero cold gripping northern Wisconsin after he wandered from his home early today, authorities said.
Sawyer County Chief Deputy Tim Zeigle said the man was found about 190 yards from his rural Hayward home after his son reported him missing late this morning. The son said the man was prone to sleepwalking, and deputies followed bare foot tracks in the snow to find him, he said.“He had been in bed and walked outside. He had on very few clothes,” said Zeigle, who declined to release the man’s name until relatives had been notified.The temperature in Hayward plunged to 16 below zero this morning, the National Weather Service said.Dave Anderson, 66, who lives outside the city, said his thermometer dipped to minus 22.“It’s winter. What the heck? There’s not much you can do about it,” he said.The Arctic cold will last through Friday, with wind chills reaching 55 below zero in parts of extreme northern Wisconsin, the weather service said.Flesh can freeze in 10 minutes when the wind chill is 40 degrees below zero or colder, the weather service warned.Northern Wisconsin could see gusts of up to 20 mph in coming days, and the temperature Friday morning may drop to minus 32 without the wind.

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