"Nah, we straight."- President Obama

This is one of my top 5 Obama moments right here!
Just watch the video and recognize his hood status for a second. lol And for all those, "Well he's not Black enough..." folks out there, I hope you have a bib, utensils, and an empty stomach because for the appetizer, be prepared to eat your words and for the main course, a tasty helping of "in yo face". Bon appetit suckas! lol


  1. omg lol he surely did say naw we straight, like it was regular white house lingo!! im loving it(like micky d's). but PLEASAE go back and look at i think around 2 minutes. When he's eating that hot dog or whatever, there is a ghostly figure in the mirror lol dont that lady look hella unnecessary? lol

  2. Ghostly figure? lol It's called an elderly white woman Leslie, geez. lol jk But man I love President Obama, myyyyyyyyy nigga. ha