STL dancing

St.Louis NEVER gets the proper shine/recognition when it comes to dances. Usually ATL comes out with some dance that ends up catching on all over the country(or they steal a STL dance and call it their own,arg). But I honestly think it's because ATL dances are easier and people would just get too aggrevated trying to do the STL club dances and give up.lol But Ive compiled of some of the best STL videos I could find on youtube. These dances are pretty old but they still hold a special place in my heart. I tell you, no one can dance like a STL boy! Seriously, their swag is unbeatable in the club. Oy ve!

Go to about 0:50 sec. in this video. I personally think the girl killed it best in this video.

Another dance from the east side of STL in IL.

STL dances with ATL music...

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