TBV: Erica gets attacked by her car.

TBV=Throw Back Video
(for future reference)

My good amiga Erica,below,is a hoot!

I was just on the phone with her and we were talking about how Diggy(Simmons) is gonna be a hunk.

Erica: Diggy is gonna be a beast!
Jai(me):Hell, he's a beast now.
Erica: Well yeah, but he's not legal beast.
(as she says it so serious, lol)

Anywho,these are some TBV's from 07' that get me so weak!
(appropriate for our current snow storm)

The first video, is when her car was frozen so she tries to get in through the trunk. As you will see, her trunk attacks her and the rest is history. lol The second video is just random weirdness.

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