So because I decided to try to take a nap at 7pm, I will probably be up all night! Ugh! I am so bored right now and there isn't much changing things. Doesn't make things better that I'v watched Moesha like 3 times in a row on Noggin. I swaer the outfits they have on! But maybe I'll just read a book or play around with making some new outfits...I still haven't finished True to the Game 3. Feel free to comment and keep me company...I'll definately be awake :(

Anywho...school starts up again on the 20th and I have to admit I'm ready for it. Being that I'm a junior, I'm just trying to get my gpa right and graduate! Can't wait to see my friends and my bay again. Been a while. Btw, I attend Mizzou(if you wondered). Me and my boo are trying to do a lil revamp in our relationship, I had to have a hard listen to Drakes "Brand New" and try to apply it to my relationship a lil bit. Any dope date ideas?

Well I'm going to get back to staring at my exciting ceiling fan. dark closet. and glade plug-in night light...and lets not forget about Moesha. lol Well nite!

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