Busy bee.

I have so much ish to do and I am stressing out!

!) I have a ka-blillion projects, tests, and presentations this week! And I just effed up my first 2 test of the semester so I have to be a pro in the game for the rest of the semester :(

2) Job interview on Thursday :) Wish me luck!

3) Clean up my messy ace room/do laundry.

4) Do hella homework/projects for next week.

5) Pack on Thursday/Friday. And I HATE packing(and un-packing)! Hell, I still have my half way unpacked suitcase in my room from a couple of weeks ago. lol

6) Contact these dang airlines cause I still haven't gotten my flight confirmed.
But there is a light at the end of the tunnel....
Friday, LMo is meeting me in STL so we can finally go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras!
Our sister from another mister, Brittani,(see pic below)
goes to school down there and it is going down!

We are about to kick it so hard!
Hopefully, Im able to update this thing from down there but I plan to be leaning all day, everyday so who knows. lol

Aww, check these miglets out at the tender age of 5. Adorable.

And present-day(well, 2007)

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