Monkey see, monkey don't do me.

(You get 2 stories in 1 with this post my little pretties)

So if you watch or read the news, you probably have heard about the horrible chimp attack in Connecticut. The chimp was raised by a woman and her friend was attacked when visiting. The owner of the chimp, stabbed the animal several times to try to stop the attack but the police were called and they ended up shooting and killing the lil monk-monk. The woman is in critical but stable condition btw.

First of all, this is a perfect example of why people shouldn't try to domesticate exotic animals and second, this story is so sad! The owner thought of the chimp as her son and said that when she was stabbing him, he just looked at her like,"Mama why are you doing this?". When I heard that, it just broke my heart! Especially being that I am an animal lover. I am known to turn around in my Jeep and try to rescue dogs that I see on the side of the freeway.lol
But this brings me to the second part of the post.

So imagine you are reading The New York Post.
On page 11, you see a story and photo about Obama signing the stimulus bill into law...
....and then you turn to page 12 and you see this cartoon.
What comes to YOUR mind?

I come home from school, turn on CNN as always, and see this story about The NYP cartoon and my mouth literally dropped.
Anyone with half a brain would look at this and understand why this is very offensive and insensitive. If you are even semi-conscious about race-relations in America over the last 400 years then should be familiar with alot of the slurs that black people were called, one of the most popular being a "monkey". As I said, Obama just signed the stimulus bill yesterday in Denver, you have the sad chimp story, you then TRY to put the two together in cartoon form and BAM!
Crazy insensitivity.
I mean this is The New York Post for Petes sake, not some rinky dink school news paper. Do they realize all the controversy this t-shirt below caused during the election?
And the fact that the NYPD is infamous for shooting and killing black men(alot of innocent black men at that).

Some people just don't see it but I don't understand how you couldn't. Like I said, my first reaction was: mouth dropped and "What the hell...are you serious right now?!" But shortly after I turned off my negro vision, lol, and I can see that they were try to "poke fun at Washington". And you know what, forget about "negro vision", anyone with "commen sense vision" should be offended. It is ridiculous, violent, and not funny whatsoever.

And to make matters worse, The New York Post is not apologizing and they don't understand the problem.

Get with it or get lost New York Post,
you are so wack for this one.


  1. WOW!! Definitely not a good look...I can't believe they don't see the problem and I also can't believe that this matter is being taken so lightly. That picture can definitely be considered a threat to the President along with being straight up racist and tacky! The nerve of people. This puts the New York Times on my shady list for sure.

  2. Yeah I think they have now apoligized but they are still defending the comic. So stupid and disrespectful. And it's the New York Post, the New York Times is still good. lol