Rihanna is sad.

So it's Friday night, I'm sick, watching The Soup(decent episode this week) and I see this little Rihanna/Chris update scroll across the bottom of my screen. The first thought that comes to my mind is "Rihanna is a damn doe-doe head!"

So word on the street, Eonline Ave.,is that Rihanna and Chris have reunited and they are staying a P.Diddy's Star Island home in Miami Beach. Are you fucking serious? Did he beat the sense out you hoe?

There have been rumors that he had hit her before and this pretty much confirms it to me. It also confirms that Rihanna has little intergrity, respect, and/or self-esteem. I mean this nigga beat you to a pulp, everyone in world knows about it and it's all good? Hell no!

And it's not like Rihanna is staying in the relationship for the kids or that she doesn't have any money to support herself, sorry to be judgemental but she is just stupid. It could NEVER be me. Chris must have something, something real good, to make Rihanna take him back. Also, if this is true, she is setting a horrible example for her fans. I wondered why she hadnt set charges on him and it's because they are cuddled up in Miami.

Im mad at her.

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