So Far Emo?

Again, I am late on writing this. It is 5;30 a.m and I have the flu so forgive me for my lack of writing skills, I just had to get this out real quick....

But am I the only one who thinks So Far Gone is extremly emo?
I am seriously concerned for this young man. Like I just want to send him a dang care package and bake him some cookies. lol And lets put the female issues aside for a second and focus in on the family problems (esp. concerning his mom):
it saddens me.

If you didn't already know, Drake REALLY reminds me of my lil brother(yeah that lil doe-doe head below). Like alot, alot.

I will watch interviews of him or some random youtube ish and it freaks me the eff out b/c they really favor(and I'm not talking physically). Plus, I have been watching Aubrey on DeGrassi since I was 13 so that doesn't help. And not to sound like a creeper, but between my brother and DeGrassi, it really seems like I grew up with the man or that I know him or something. So those two factors add even more to my "concern level".

And don't get me wrong, I TRULY appreciate his honesty on So Far Gone, but I just hope he finds true happiness and a really good girl.


  1. You are definitely not the only one. When I really sat down and listened, I was like dang, momma trying to run away from home, can't stand the gf and telling her to leave and the most depressing one about his dad. I feel like you wanna send him a care package and a hug.

  2. i completely agree!! Aubrey...whats really going on!! And im with lizzy about the dad. the whole him feeling bad about his wealth while his dad struggling for cigarette money. I was just like dang, who would have known any of that. I just hope the fame doesnt become too much for him and his family. But thats what good friends and fans are for...we here

  3. Yeah I feel yall on the dad thing too but Im like his mom is seriously trying to run away from home?! That tripped me out! It's obvious she isnt confortable with his fame(which makes me wonder what changed for her between the acting and the rapping fame).And then there is that one line about him "straining"(or something like that) when a fan wants a pic and that it messes up his first dates. Don't quote me. lol But yall know what Im talking about. Im like dang Drake, I'll just stand back if I ever meet you and say a lil prayer. lol