United.....what a joke!!

So United Airlines think they tight!...No! They truly have been fooling with me and my sister since jump. The first plane last night was delayed an hour, then the connecting flight dipped on our aces(causing me to make the most dumbfounded look i've ever produced). So that began our night in Chicago. Nice room at the hilton but regardless we were pissed. Then we got up at 7 this morning to try to standby on a 930 flight and THANK GOD we got on..but again they tricked our aces bc it is now almost 11:00 and we are still sitting on this plane looking stupid. Customer service is also a FLIPPING JOKE!!! Just know that traveling on this airline is freaking ridiculous and risky as hell if you are on a tight schedule. FLYERS BEWARE!!!


  1. girl! that's why I never fly with them & I hope you were not at o'hare because that's one of the WORST airports in the world. No lie.

  2. Yeaa I never fly with those bums.. They've lost my luggage, had me late for meetings, and didn't even have any pillows this 1 time.. Smh.. Who doesnt have pillows? But yea, basically and as all black people say, I FELL YOU.. Lol