Woman beater Chris Breezy?

So I am super excited for the Grammys(as I am every year)
and I just found out some crazy news:

Ya boy Chris Brown is now under investigation with an alleged domestic violence felony! Last night around 2:30 a.m after an industry party, Chris Brown and a woman allegdly got into an altercation in a limo. The woman called 911 but Chris Brown had already left the scene by the time police showed up. The woman also has visible injuries and has identified Chris Breezy as the attacker. Wow, so lil lite brite might be losing his marbles. And to make things even stranger, Chris Brown is not performing at the Grammys anymore(they are trying to get JT or Al Green to replace him) and Rihanna(who I REALLY wanted to see) is a no-show as well. The two are both up for multiple awards and were scheduled to perform.
So who was this chick, R-Ri?

I know these are "mean" but hell I find them amusing.

And pregnant M.I.A performs tonight, on her due date with Kanye, T.I, Jay-Z, and Lil' Wayne for "Swagga like Us".

And of course, big ups to my girl Adele for winning one Grammy already!
Ive loved her for a minute and she is blowing up right now.
And goodluck Kings of Leon!

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