2 nights down, 2 to go.

"The next morning youll forget who or why or how or when, tonight its prolly bouta happen all over again."

So my brothers from another mother, G and Galvin, are in town from ATL and Dallas and we have been kicking it for the last 3 days straight!

They are freakin hilarious and we have been having a ball!

And G's 21st birthday is today so it's going down again tonight.

But here is one of my fav videos from like 2006 of Galvin doing his Malcolm X impression messing with Araina about her "birthday festivities". lol

The Great Allah Elijah Muhammad

AND to make matters even better, we are making a trip to SIUC for the infamous Kappa Players Ball! Ive been trying to make it down there for years but this time around it is a must!

Question: Guess who's gonna be there?

Answer: DRAKE!

We are so geeked up! Our friend from highschool, Justin, is a Kappa at SIUC and hopefully he can somehow work some magic so we can actually meet Drake. lol

It is gonna be freakin insanity! You have no idea. lol

But I have to go, I was supposed to meet everybody like 45 minutes ago and Im not even dressed yet. oops.


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