Dissing divas?

A) Keri Hilson is challenging someone to a duel.

B) It might be Beyonce.

In the remix to "Turnin' Me On" Keri sings:

"I ain’t tryin’ to start no mess there’s just something on my chest that I need to get off…Your vision cloudy if you think you the best. You can dance, she can sing, but need to move it ‘to the left’.

She need to go have some babies. She need to sit down she fading.

Go head tell these folks how long I been writing your songs… I been putting you on… check the credits hoe!…If you want me you can find me in Decatur hoe.

If she is talking about B, I guess folks are really out for the "female version of a hustler."
First the Etta James thing and now this?
I bet Beyonce aint even stuttin though.

But seriously, how pretty is Keri Hilson?!
Very pretty that's how much.

And besides the singing thing, I bet chick is PAID from writing everyone's songs.

Stop being fluckin' lazy and write music.


  1. Keri was tlkin bout on a radio show. She said she ain't got beef with ciara she wrote a song on her first album but ciara ain't took none of her songs since. And she say she wrote beyonce verse for love in this club remix and she was like bey dnt write everything she touches. She was like she was gon go harder but Polow Da Don told her to chill out

  2. And not to mention her SISTER wrote "Get Me Bodied" and "Upgrade U", two of the hottest songs on the BDay album. I'm not sure what to think of Bey right now. I still love her music, I just didn't know all of this until recently.

  3. Dang Im mad Polow had to tell her to take a chill pill. lol Yeah Beyonce is dope but I always thought Solange was a more talented writer anyways. AND I was kinda ify on Beyonce's writting since I heard the thing about her stealing "If I Was a Boy"(or whatever its called) from that white girl. But B is still bad eventhough she acts like a damn robot in her interviews lol