Have a dream in New Orleans, Fall in love in Chicago...mane.


So I have been buukuu busy with school, trying to better my life and such, but I am finally posting about our fire ass Mardi Gras trip so let's start from the beggining.

So I knew this would HAVE to be the year to made it down for Mardi Gras. It is Brittani's last year before she leaves for medical school so my sister and I got our school and work schedules together and booked our flght(Friday night-Tuesday night). 
Nearly 5 days of craziness and warm weather! 
Heck yeah!!!

Anytime we fly it is a little known fact that we will end up running through the airport or busting moves throuh traffic and this time was no different. Our flight left at 6:50pm and we were both pissed, sitting in traffic(coming from opposite directions of STL) when we should have been chilling in the airport. Thankfully we halled ass and got their on time so we are all geeked that we "made our flight". I ended up getting my shoes shined for free by these two dudes in the airport who freaking loved me and then they laced me wihh some Mardi Gras beads. lol I thinking, "Wow. This is gonna be a good trip. I can tell already!" 
We are as happy as can be but then shit changed. lol

7:20 pm....7:40 pm....8:00 pm....8:30 pm....and we are still sitting in STL!
What the flip mode squad?
We have a connecting flight in Chicago that departs at 9:15 pm! Why are we still here hoes?!
Then we find out that a) they have no flight attendent b)they cant "dump" the labrotory.
Who needs a flight attendent and bathroom for a 35 minute flight?
So we FINALLY get on the plane, all of us angry because most had already missed their connecting flight in Chicago and the other half knew we are gonna have to be track stars when we landed.

So we get to Chicago at 9:03 pm and me and LMO just bust out running eventhough we dont know what terminal we are going to! We are panting and sweating when we get there at 9:08 and then we notice the door is closed and a mob of angry, confused people.
We find out those sutha muckas left us! 
Who in the hell leaves all those checked-in passengers before the scheduled departures? 
United Airlines does. 
This is what I was doing in my head:

Yeah! lol
We meet these three dudes from Toronto(trying to get down to a bachelor party)who were riding stand-by and they basically told us that they gave our seats away. We will refer to them as our:

lol, you will find out later. haha
So Customer Service was packed and they put us on a 10:30 pm flight to Denver and then New Orleans....the next day! 
And then we find out there is a snow storm headed to Chicago so who knows if we can even get out of the city.
We end up gettting a hotel room at the Hilton and some weak $15 food vochers. Mind you, we are in Chicago, 20 degrees with a leather bomber jacket and a hoodie. I can feel the warmth now. lol

Random video in O'Hare Airport,lol:

So we get to finally find our hotel with no change of clothes, nothing, not even a toothbrush(and they charged me $10 for a Dolla Store toothbrush with gratuity. Gratuity? Im like don't remember you brushing my teeth earlier.lol) Anywho, we try to order room service but instead end up hitting the bar(where the vouchers basically only covered our water). You know when you are so tired that you start to feel drunk or drugged up? Well, that's what we were on. I felt like our chef laced our food or something. lol But one chef was hooking us up. He kept bringing us hella dessert plates for free, he was so akward/funny.
Oh and look what we find in our hotel lobby in Chicago. Real funny. lol

We call Brit to let her know that we werent making it in and she calls up to United pretending to be our mom to snap on those bumba-clots  and her we need to try stand-by on a 9:30am flight directy into NOLA that Customer Service "forgot" to mention.
So we wake-up EXTRA early because we knew mugs were gonna be trying stand-by on that flight like us and notice that 8 inch snow storm is already upon us...
Anywho we head out and as we are walking through the airport and who do we see? Our new Canadian arch enemies from night before right behind us. Me and Leslie dipped the eff out looking like some crazy doe-does trying to beat them!
We got to the terminal just 30 seconds before they did and they were pissed. lol
There were 6 seats left on the flight and me and Leslie were numbers 7 and 8 on the stand-by list while our arch enemies were 17,18, and 19. I was talking to one of them later in customer service and he was trying to mke me feel all bad because he had already missed a day and half of his own bachelor party but whatever. lol
So we are wating and there ended up being no more seats on the plane unttil...our arch enemies start to board! I rush over there and Im like,"Uh how did you get on this flight?!" and he responds simply,"I told them we had status."
WTF? So status is the magic word at United? lol WE WERE PISSED! 
They start closing the gate and then randomly, they call our names. Do you understand the jubilation level at this moment?! Level 10, that's where it is. 
We get on the plane and our arch enemies are all geeked up too, high fiving us and throwing up hang-10 signs. lol And then since it had already started snowing it took a damn hour and a half to de-ice the plane. United is playing games I tell you. But we happy nonetheless, see! lol
"The shit I write while staring out the window of a plane is the single handed reason I remain...ME."
Well not my "shit" of choice. lol
Leslie's "shit" isnt much better.
FINALLY we got to New Orleans at about 2:00 pm and we were some happy hobos!


Bags in and ready to go! 
More coming soon!


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