Is anybody else in love with Jamie Foxx???

Im sorry but I have to admit that Jamie Foxx is just that DEAL!
I promise everytime I see his videos or his movies, I just love him even more! :)
So I've compiled a list of all the reasons Jamie Foxx is supreme. lol

1. He is tall glass of sexy lol
2. He can sing like no other
3. He is a great actor(can't wait to go see the Soloist)(Jamie Foxx Show)
4. Comedy Comedy Comedy!! (what chick doesnt want humor 4 days)
5. Him and Obama are cool lol
.....and the list goes on!

PLEASE ADD ON TO THIS LIST lol because i am sure i have forgotten so many things that make Jamie Foxx such a total package lol

-and also do you all remember that episode of the Jamie Foxx Show when he was playing like he was D'Angelo lol with those HORRIBLE braids lol

please watch lol

im so serious: the belly button pick gets me EVERY TIME lol

signing off: LMO


  1. Onething to add to the list: "10"
    You already know what that means Leslie! lol

    I cant even think of anymore to add thanks to the lack of my brain cell control aka Im sleepy as fuck!

    But that video just got me weak!!!!! I never saw that episode. Classic show.

  2. What GL?!(GL=Gorgeous Lynette, btw, lol)
    I just love that guy!

    And I thought of something else... AVOCADOS!
    He has a huge avocado farm and that's my favorite food.
    Another check on my list.

  3. i know!! jamie just seems like the best guy. i promise we would b best friends...he would b like a tight uncle..i would call him uncle j...then we would kiss. lmao