Jungle fever, Disney style.

I heard about this Disney cartoon,"The Frog Princess", in 2007.

It will be Disney's first ever black princess (took long enough, geez) and it drops Christmas 2009.

But there has been alot of controversy surrounding this cartoon and one of the latest happens to be the leading man of the movie.   

Dude doesn't look very negro. lol

I mean the movie is set in New Orleans so maybe he's Creole which still counts. lol

But what what if he isn't Creole? 
Would you be mad if Disney's first black princess had jungle fever?


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  2. wow i mean, if he is not creole, then ima kinda b upset!! not like biracial relationships are bad or anything, but as far as the first black disney princess is concerned, i'd like 4 her prnce to black

  3. Yeah, you know I LOVE my interracial relationship but I def. didnt expect this. Negros please. lol