Mission Accomplished.

DeGrassi head since 2001 + Drake music supporter since 2004 + front row at Drake's FIRST ever U.S solo concert + spending the weekend with the coolest dudes ever = SUCCESS! lol

Yep :) Blessed as ever.

I have hella pictures, videos, stories etc but I am so exhausted! As I said in the previous post, the last 5 days have been crazy and it feels like I'm on a second spring break. haha

Iv'e hardly been home, Iv'e been sleeping in some awkward position on someone's floor for 4 out the 5 nights and I have homework to do....shit.

Oh but shot out to Justin who freaking took us in last minute and showed us a good time in C-Dale. The Kappas run SIU-C and it was legendary getting Drake on his first ever U.S solo concert for Players Ball.
Hats off my friend.

Well I'll be back tomorrow with more stuff.
Hell, I haven't even put up all my Mardi Gras pictures on effing facebook so I know I'm behind on here. oy ve. smh.



  1. i was only 2 hours away from drake? dammit .. at least we were in the same state lol

  2. lol yep I made that 2 hour drive. Where are you?

  3. crazy... when are his other concert dates?

  4. I have no idea. I didnt know about this one until like 2 days prior and I knew I had to go to meet him. He said he would be back to SIUC though.

    "SIU this is my first show in the Unites States. And you know why I had to come to SIU first?! It's cause you the fuckin best."
    -Drake, the beat drops and the crowd goes wild. lol

  5. Ooooo can't wait to see the videos/pics :)

  6. im in normal il =[ i wish i woulda known, hopefully i can catch him next time

  7. man that was the best night ever lol he might be coming to my school too so we can do a part 2 lol

  8. Oh yeah I'll inform you if he's gonna be in the STL area anytime soon.

    But yeah, part dos in full effect. :)