Saintchicagorleans continued...

So this is where we left off.
"And you still make it even when they say yo flight closed."

Just landed in warm NOLA and Brit aka Hobo B picked us up. lol

Already trouble. lol
Headed to this dope bar/grill Superiors. They are infamous for their fire margaritas.

Oh and that's Tyra(from L.A), Tavie(from St.Kitts, now in Memphis) and the STL chicas Brittani and of course, Leslie.

Cute with the exception of my bright ass pink bra. opps ;0

Magnolia projects or Magnolia Shorty.

Hello doe-doe's :)

Alcohol out all handy-pandy. They even have drive-thru margarita stands!
Superiors! So pretty out there.
Gosh we are too lite skin. I dont even feel negro in this one. lol
Pose on them hoes!
Pose on them hoes!
(pink bra)
Got bored during that hour wait!
And so do did Brittani. lol
smh lol
Our googley faces. lol
And Leslie on some new age, 2010 googley type shit. lol
Val and Tavie in da building!

Video of our super dope waiter/singer-songwriter Jason! Didnt make me pay for ish! lol

And Brittani is a rapper too for future reference, lol.

Never ended gob-stopper of fire cheese dips.

O-M-G! They dared me a free margarita to eat 1 little pepper. Brit decides to stack up 3 of them instead and our side of the resturant was screaming and chanting " DO IT! DO IT!" when I ate those suckas! They were crazy hot, but I took it like a G! Leslie licked one and her eyes started watering like crazy! lol Im a machine!/div>Get ya roll on! lol
Headed downtown!
Getting hype, headed downtown to that classic Big Tymers song!
Saturday night and already...
They drive/park crazy in NOLA! Who would park like that on a busy street?!
We compiled a list of things that only NOLA ppl would do, Im putting it up. ha

And I dont know why but this lil girl gets me so weak! lol

Let me just say, Brit is THE craziest fucking driving on planet earth! That is all. lol
Next day, headed to the mall to get some outfits for the party that night...

And let's not forget about Leslie's Remy Ma freestyle! LMAO.

"He from dat Calliope. He from dat Calliope!"
Limegreen is the new black girl. lol
Uncle Ron-Ron(and B)! lol

I dont even want to get into the story with these kids. smh lol
On a wild goosechase to find some gumbo and/or red beans and rice.
We couldnt even get any Popeyes! Line was all the way outside!

"It's like going to Taco Bell in Mexico."-Kim

Wally! Our Creole educator!

"I didn't know there were Creoles in St.Louis."

"I used to give Brittani the benefit of the doubt...not anymore though."



Now back to Brit's crib to get ready, meet up with everybody and get ready for a crazy night at the Kappa/Alpha party.
I will leave you with this video of Tavie seranading Brittani with her favorite song "Halo", lol:



  1. 3 things.
    Looks like yall had a lot of fun..
    Jai is a beast for the peppers!
    I gotta crush on Les,and the pic she took of herself.. ahahaaha

    Thats it

  2. Yes, we did have ton o fun down there! I might be headed back next week hopefully. And I thought you were talking about the pic with her googley face. lol I was like wow, he has interesting taste. lol