So I was watching "Making the Band" earlier today, the episode when Day 26 goes on a cruise, and I was so jealous of Robert when he went parasailing but then I remembered,"Hold up! I've been parasailing...in Hawaii!"

And then I got pissed. lol

I have been to Hawaii twice and I only have like 20 pictures to show for it!

The first time, I don't know what the hell happened to my camera, and the second time someone stole my camera full of beautiful pictures(including some photos of some beautiful boys we met, John, smh, oy effing ve!)

I just HATE losing pictures and it literally pains me!

You can never capture those moments again, I swear it feels like you lose a portion of those memories....

Anyway, here are a few surviving photos I have from the first a Hawaii trip:

Day n' Night...In the room, over looking Waikiki Beach(where during my 2nd trip to Hawaii, someone almost knocked me unconscious in the water with their heavy ass long board when we were surfing!)

Waikiki Beach again.
then we island hopped to Maui, it seemed like we were in Hawaii foooorrrrr-eh-ver.
My favorite lil midget, lil cousin Rachel.

Ahhh, one of my favorite hotels! The Ritz Carlton Maui...
all we did was eat quesadillas and endless fire ace smoothies and swim. lol

24 hour pool, me and Leslie would be the only ppl out there some nights.
Rachel and Honey Bunny...

And something else I remember is going jet skiing in the middle of the ocean and I fell off 3 times!

Everyone would was getting weak at me and I was so scared of being attacked by sharks. lol

This post is so random but eh.

Good day. lol

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