Bald is the new crazy.

I remember a time when I had the picture below in my "iLike" album on facebook with the caption, "I want to steal her hair and make a wig out of it" and now I retract my statement because of.....

....THIS craziness! 

What the heck were you thinking woman?!

I bet this was all Diddy's doing. Probably the only way his PRing, publicity stunting ace would keep her on Bad Boy. lol Hell, Im surprised he didn't make her tattoo,"DAY 26. ALBUM DROPPING SOON!" on her bald side. haha 
(which by the way is a fire album and I don't forrreal mess with R&B like that, thanks Tony aka Nuplet, lol)

But what do yall think of her new look?
Thumbs up OR thumbs down?


  1. i'm mad she posin like that shit is cute.

  2. lol I know! Just imagine how wack it's gonna look when she tries to grow it out. Crazy.

  3. she'll probably just end up cutting it all when the bald side starts to grow.

  4. im completelyy taken baak byy thiis.

  5. that is a 100 percent thumbs up, i love it.

  6. i hate it but i love her