Dear Rihanna, I suck. Your boo, Chris Brown.

So I might be late, don't really know, but I am just now hearing Chris Brown's apology song to Rihanna. Here it is folks:

I don't know, he's talking about he still needs her umbrella, hmmm, couldn't take a dude back that damn near beat me with one. lol



  1. Girl, so many females would take him back. A lot of his groupies are still by his side talkin' bout how she provoked him to beat her ass. I ain't know that was possible. I might provoke a dude to get mad at me, provoke him to curse me out, but there ain't shit I can do that justifies him leaving horns on my forehead for a week.

  2. lol forreal!
    I cant stand the people who are showing him love because of all the mess he caused.
    It's sick.