It ain't justice, it's just us...brotha!

So I picked my lil' sister up from school yesterday and she tells me this disturbing story:

After a track meet, she was waiting outside with her friends and this random lady(she's white) and her 2 little kids walk up to the school and start mean-mugging them.
The woman stops and says,"See kids, this is why we are moving from ******, to get away from all the black people. You don't want to be like them." and she keeps it moving.

First of all, the school/our town is predominantly white and secondly, who in the hell says that to some high school kids?

Crazy hoes, that's who.

So my lil sister waits to tell me this story when we are pulling up to our house and I'm like,"Hell no!"
I go in, change my clothes and drive back to the school to try to find this lady but she decides to get all "Where's Waldo?" on me and I couldn't find the crazy hoe.

ughhhh....I wanted to intelligently crumb her. lol

And I just found out that today, the KKK or the Nazi party(can't remember which one) is going to be rallying under the Arch in STL.

This is going to be good!
I LIVE for protest. (My parents say I would have been a Black Panther/hippie if I were alive in the 60s,lol)
Hell, I went all the way down to Louisiana by myself to protest the Jena 6 ordeal and it was crazy and empowering!

Im taking hella pictures and my African flag to piss them off. lol
(well if I can find my camera)

Here are a few photos from the Jena 6 protest:


*raises black power fist as I scramble to get ready and find my camera. lol

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