So today my sister LMo is gonna be in the Kappa Pagent!
So me and the rest of the fam and friends are headed out to support her.
I just cant wait to see the midgets below(LMo and the bro-ham, Brad) and everybody else at Mizzou!

I swear I dont even kick it at my college, it feels like I would rep for Mizzou way more. lo

But anyways here are som epics of SOME of my favorite Mizzou times from 2007-2008...


Jezo fell sooo dirty!

2007 Halloweeny

random party

2008...this night was soooo much fun!

No, it's not what you think! It was my first time trying a black....gross! Neva again.

Next night....Brad's first college party!

My lil bro is so cute!

Now to a foozball game!

Different level of awkward. Akward moose etc... lol

Chest bump.

More awkward levels.


This is what happens when you are really drunk and TRY to fight.


I had the best seats in the house and they were free!
Superbowl party.

After a Kappa Party.

Mar-Bear, my bro's lovely girlfriend!

random pics from Halloween 2008
Aight I gotta go...
Bouta be late for the pagent!


  1. LMo had the cutest party clothes!! You girls be stylin