Music Mondays 4.13.09

Above is a picture I took with one of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite musicians.

Music is one of the most important things in my life and I have an eclectic taste
so I'm sitting here wondering,"Why don't I blog about music?"
So we will.
Every Monday, Leslie and I will each pick a song(maybe two, hehe) that we are feeling.

And my first pick is....
Daniel Merriweather and Adele "Water and a Flame"

You may remember Daniel Merriweather featured in this song that dropped last year.
Iv'e known about the young fella since 2005 with his single "She's Got Me" because it was on the Prime soundtrack(love that movie!).

But his music never really never moved me, eventhough his voice did, so I was pretty disappointed until now.
Been on Adele since 2007 and of course, she blew up sometime last year with her album "19".

They are white chocolate, blue-eyed soul at it's best and this song is just beautiful and great.
I love the lyrics and the harmony so much.


So...for MY(LMo's) Music Monday pick I have to go with: Day 26-"So Good!"(produced by B.Cox)
This song is the truth.
I swear Willie can get it lol. His part is so sweet and I don't know who wrote this song, but it was genius for them to say "don't you try and play arou-wown, cuz you know im about to lay you dow-wooooown" Who ever would have thought getting them to pronounce words like 2 year olds would b so damn cute!

Me and Jai have had the album for a few days now(shout out: Tony) on some exclusive stuff lol. But do cop it, there are some really nice songs on the album.

For now, please listen to this song...it will do it for you!

P.S. So me and Jai were on the phone talking about the band and this is how the convo went:
LMo: Man, I wish Willie was a Kappa so I could watch him shimmy.
Jai: Haha. Yeah, he would be a Kappa. I could see Big Mike be one too for some reason and Robert too.
LMo: And what's his name? Brian would be a Alpha.
Jai: Haha. And Que would be a Delta.
LMo: Haha yeah. He's a devastating diva.
Jai: Yeah, a bitch diva.

I got so weak when she called Que a Delta! lol


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