Music Mondays. 4.20.09

I, Jai, have two picks this week...


The classic song, "Come Winter" by Drake(off of Room for Improvement),is my first pick.

I chose this song because:

a) It is my favorite Drake song and it solidified him as my favorite rapper.
I remember "back in the day" when you couldn't download his music off of LimeWire or listen to them on youtube;the only way you could get them is if you bought the songs off of his website.
He had "Come Winter" on his myspace for a second and then he took it down. I was so pissed and I was feeening for this song! I had to resort to listening to a 30 second clip before you bought the song(which I didn't buy b/c I had no credit card). I remember finally finding the entire song ages later and I was soooo happy!

b)I don't know about where your'e at, but here in the STL area, it is unseasonably cold right now(like 20 degrees below normal). We are in this weird transition between winter and spring and so is "Come Winter". I love when that "spring" beat drops and it's just refreshing.
Random, but it also kinda reminds me of that Hey Arnold episode called "Heat/Snow" .
Classic episode, you should follow the link and watch it :)


I have been listening to "Skeleton Boy" by Friendly Fires for the last week and half like a crazy woman!

It's a groovy song with an equally groovy video.
(But the video version of the song is different from the version I downloaded, which is better.)

AND please let me know what YOU are listening to!
Forreal, I am always in need of new music and I listen to everything so hit me!



Hey guys, this is LMo!
Sorry I havent been able to blog alot lately, my interent is jacked up. :(

Anyway, my pick for this Music Monday is J.Holiday "Make that Sound".

His entire cd, Round 2, is sooo good!
It's one of those cd's where you don't have to skip anything, just put it on and let it be your background music...
J.Holiday is that buisness! I suggest you pick up his first and second cd.


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