Music Mondays. 4.27.09

I chose this dope song called "My Girls" by Animal Collective and the video is equally superb!

I love how they just bounce/vibe the entire time, not because it looks cool but because you have no choice but to move to it.

It's kinda addicting.


So for my pick, I chose Sam Sparro "Black and Gold".
I went to see 'Obsessed' yesterday and I could not believe this and Zero 7 "Destiny" were on the soundtrack!
It was a nice suprise though...


P.S. This is Jai again. When LMo told me both of thoese songs were on the 'Obsessed' soundtrack, it was crazy cause they are both hella old/I didnt expect them on there(esp. Zero 7). But see Leslie, I told you hella people were gonna get put on from that movie. lol

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