Susan Boyle should be shaking in her therapeutic boots.

So I don't understand the big hype around this Susan Boyle character.
People act like she's the second coming of Celine Dione or something.ha

I think people are just tripping because they didn't expect her to sing like that b/c of her looks.
I mean she may not be THAT attractive but mugs act like she's Mrs. Shrek Jr. lol
Also, that weird dude who keeps butting in, is highly annoying.

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this little man can blow!

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But supposedly, he is a set-up for the show and is actually a professional. 

He played the young Michael Jackson in the Thriller Live Musical all over Europe. 
(I don't know how they pulled that one off considering Michael was black in his formative years, lol)

Which one do you think is better?
Susan vs. Shaheen.

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