Swine on my mind.

So 93% of the news is saturated with that Swine Flu(or H1N1 Flu) chatter.
It's so interesting and I could probably teach a class on it by now because all I do is watch the news...
But sadly, one of the first things that came to my mind was...
"What if the Swine Flu turned people into zombies?"

I don't know why, but ever since I was a lil munchkin, I have loved zombie movies and I still do!

For me watching a zombie movie is the equivalent of an 8-year-old boy watching Power Rangers while eating Kool-Aid Sugar. (And yes, all black people should remember Kool-Aid sugar and your stained fingers, lol) Except I usually don't start karate chopping random people and I don't attempt to double-round kick off the arm of my couch. ha
All in all, I just get so excited and happy as dorky and weird as that sounds. lol

(below, Jai doing work)

And I don't know if anyone except for me and my sister can do this, but when we dream and randomly wake up, we can go right back into the same dream if we want.
It's so tight and when I dream of doing work on zombies I never once choose to "go on" to another dream. lol

But the only way I'm co-signing on a outbreak is if the Swinners (that's what I would call the Swine Flu zombies) were the hella slow moving "Dawn of the Dead" zombies and not the super human "Resident Evil"/"28 Weeks Later" zombies.

Last year I even found a group of people on facebook that share my love for a zombie outbreak.
The "I Pray for a Zombie Outbreak, so I Can Kick Some Ass" group.

I don't think my warped fantasy is going to come true but just in case, read up human race, read the eff up.....


  1. Hey Jai! I just wanted to say thank you for all of the love ans support youve given me on my blog. XOXO and im linking your blog to my site!


  2. Aww, thanks girl and no problem! I love your blog and like I said, you are an effin fashion inspiration. :)

  3. jai this post really cracks me up!! this dang pic of you on that random white mans body is getting me! lol you look so pleased lol

  4. When youre living out a fantasy, anything less than 'pleased face' is not possible. lol