"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."

So yesterday, I went to counter protest the NSM aka the Neo-Nazi rally under the Arch.

The NSM is the largest Neo-Nazi group in the country and decided to gather in STL because it is the gateway to the west and because it was their 35th anniversary.

We, the counter protesters, outnumbered the Neo-Nazis and it was nice to see an eclectic crowd out there resisting their ignorance.

It basically felt like I was at a live taping of 95% of the shows on FAUX News.lol
And their basic complaints were: immigrants, interracial marriage, Jews, taxes, losing of white power, weed smokers etc.
And they claimed NOT to be racist. lol sure.

And tell me why the rally was supposed to start at noon and the MSM didn't start until 2 P.M.?
I got there late cause I couldn't find my camera but this is the....
Quote of the day:
"Hey, did the Nazi's leave yet?" - Me
"No, they haven't started. They can't find parking! He HAAAAAA!"-crunk white dude

LMAO. That dude got so weak and I wish I would have recorded his laugh. lol

But seriously, how are you a Nazi, on CP time, at your own rally? lol

It started raining so I couldn't get many photos but....

here are some of my pictures:

My pin says,"Opression can only survive through silence."-Carmen de Monteflores

Gloomy Arch.

NSM aka Neo-Nazis.

If you are lame, raise your hand. lol

It is so sad to see young kids out here. Raised on hatred rather than love.

No one can tell me that the Confederate flag does not represent racism. Example.

This idiot had his sign flipped over forever. lol

He was heckling the Nazis and the police came down to talk to him? Are you effing kidding me?They are the ones with microphones and you could hardly hear this dude. smh.


Cool stache. Not.

I love this!

This picture speaks volumes to me.

He was giving it to those Nazis.

The bird. She was buck.

I need that bumper sticker.

Eat your heart out Nazis. lol

Until next time...


  1. this is so crazy. i knew there were still crazy people out there but damn...not to this extent. that's scary as hell.

    i just found it but i'll be visting you blog frequently haha


  2. Hell yeah, conservative white people can be hostile. lol jk

    And thanks, I visited ur blog but I cant comment.