What's your street capacity?

These videos just make my heart "twiddle dee" like a blue bird. I just love this Aubrey Graham Cracker.
(that's Drake's real name btw, minus the "Cracker" which is a lil something I added for adorable affect)

But I can NOT stress it enough, this nigga is my fucking brother!
And not,"What's up my brother?" but rather,"My lil brother is a twirp" type brother.
It's insane how much Drake reminds me of him.
Anyways, enjoy this man enjoying his success...
Im proud.

"My mother is a wonderful Jewish woman that's good at scrabble and my father is a pimp from Memphis, so holla at me."-Drake

I'm glad he finally addressed why he is a human urbandictionary.com/ Merriam-Webster thesaurus. lol

But the question of the week is,"What's YOUR street capacity?" lol

(watch the last video if you can't answer that question)

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