Don't change, just change the game.

Watch this video and pay special attention to the segment when Kanye comes in.
Can anyone say awkward ten times fast?

Yeah, you fly and everything Ye (and I like you even more cause you're from Illinois), but I cannot stand when people can't take a joke and act cooler than the other side of the pillow.

I usually don't mind when Kanye acts like a cocky asshole, but I guess that's when he acts hella cocky concerning his music and how fly he is (because let's face it, he is a genius) but it's not a good look when he acts stuck up towards other people.

But internet high five to Rosenberg who didn't kiss Kanye's left ass cheek on this interview like most people would have and was on some,"Yeah, don't forget you are a human being like me, bro." type shit.

Even Drake kinda let me down on this one towards the end when he gave Rosenberg a bit of the,"Get away from me. Kanye doesn't appreciate you talking to him right now" face.

And then when Rosenberg asked about Drake's favorite albums, I'm not gonna lie it pissed me off.
Drake came off hella fake with the "I'm aware Ye is here"/"I want acceptance" look over to Kanye before he named "Graduation" as one of his faves.
He seemed like he was doing too much or being disingenuous trying to impress dude...

Damn, Aubrey Graham Cracker don't change, just change the game...brother.

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