Face, face, face. I want face...beauty face!

Remember a few weeks back when I went to Mizzou to see my sister and the other ladies in the Kappa Kourt? Well here are the pictures...

And then we had to buy ads from her and here is my brother's. lol He is a fool!
If you don't understand his ad, I URGE you to watch this hilarious Power Rangers video.

"Did Drake really buy her an ad?!" "No, it was a joke." lol people, people.
So sexy Mary. lol
Why Leslie? Why? lol

Looking like prom. lol
Mar Bear and the bro-ham.

Nuplet! I swear his eyes are like sprightly elves when he smiles. lol
So pretty!
haha Erika was trying to fix her shoe and he took it upon himself to....haha

Obi One! lol

And this is her entry for the Project Runway portion of the pagent. It used to be a 3XL black t-shirt and look at it now...
And check the detail out in the back! Love it.
cute no?

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  1. that tshirt dress is hot!! if u didnt tell me it was a shitrt i wud have never known good work