Get familiar.

So, I'm running through my normal blogs and I see that over at Coco & Lowe, they have this contest going on for the Petite Feet Sample Sale.

Whoever wins gets to pick their favorite designer bag so of course, I'm all in like fall in! lol

They picked several shoes and I had to choose which shoe I liked best, tell them why I chose that shoe and what outfit I would wear with it.

I picked this black, Jodeci-like combat boot and this was my entry in a nutshell:

and guess what?

I had to attend the Petite Feet Sample Sale in Toronto to pick whatever bag I wanted
and of course, I'm in the St.Louis area so that wasn't happening. lol
But, they set some bags aside for me and I picked this sweet lil niblet.

Besides being cute, I picked it because according to Patone (the "color people"), Mimosa is the 2009 color of the year.
And Patone is usually right on!

I just love it and I wore it for the first time yesterday.

But you guys should really head over to Coco & Lowe's blog!

From their video beauty tutorials to their traveling and fashion tips to their contest and their inspirational post and quotes like:

"For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness."
"Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it."
-authors unknown, PREACH! lol

oh and these funny and awkward pictures:

it's an all around sa-weet blog with equally successful sa-weet authors.


P.S. I keep forgetting to post this note I wrote after talking to Lowe(as I just woke up, so I probably sounded like a dang hobo on the phone, lol)

She is hella cool though and she hit me with some stuff that really made me re-evaluate some things in my life including a simple success tip of, "I learned, you have to be nice to everybody." lol Gos-ta post it soon.


  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those two are the baddest bitches round' my way ;) i'm so happy you won!!!

  2. Awww!

    I lowe you girl! Happy you liked the bag and thanks for the love! Keep doing your thing mama and when you and your friends are ready to come party in Toronto, make sure to holler at us!!! We Run the Tdot!!



  3. Thanks Nebula! It's like the first contest Ive ever won. lol

    "I lowe you", good one. lol
    And heck yes, I can't wait to kick it up there!