You say you want passion.

I think you found it.

P.S. Turns out one of my good friends, Erica, is cool with him? They went to the same college, twice (fyi, Erica has been to like 800 colleges yet we are graduating at the same time, lol)

P.S.S. I had to put this video up because I'm still not tired of hearing this song eventhough it's been on constant rotation on STL radio for 3-4 months AND he's from my homestate of Illinois.

P.S.S.S. Why are people tripping over the girl in the video because she "looks" white? First, I def. thought she was a black woman. I have people in my family who look like her who aren't even bi-racial. Secondly, who gives an eff? She's pretty regardless.


  1. So, I would reaaaaallly like to watch this video. However, I can't figure out how to pause the lovely song playing in the background. :( I could be slow. Please help me (sad face). lol

  2. first of all: he is cute! he reminds me of kanye for some reason tho lol

    secondly: why does the girl in the video look like she's about to tip over? ima need for her to learn how to walk in heels lol..not cute!

    thirdly: hiii!!!! lol

  3. fourthly: are thirdly and fourthly real words!! lmao. i think not. it just sounds all wrong

  4. Cierra the music is over under our customers aka followers section.
    It's that little gray music "strip".
    I love how LMO completely ignored your question. lol

  5. omg i didnt even see her question. it showed me that i was the first comment! thats pretty wierd