Music Mondays. 5.11.09

Sorry on the late post, both me and LMo's internet is on bia-bia mode right now, but my pick is the utterly beautiful song "Blue Ridge Mountains" by the Seattle folk-rock band, Fleet Foxes.

My brother Brad, who has epic music taste by the way(which I like to think that I fostered, lol), got their CD last year and tried to put me on but, like a doe-doe head, I didn't really soak in his recommendation. However, I saw them perform on SNL on 1-17-2009 and their live performance of "Blue Ridge Mountain" made me shed a few tears. It was flawless and amazing!

Whenever I listen to this song, it just reminds me of the summers I spent in the South as a kid(especially in Tennessee) which I love because for some reason, it makes me feel closer to my ancestors.

I have had these conversations with my parents about how lucky they are to have grown up during the 60s and the 70s because their music was sick!
I always worried that our generation of musicians wouldn't leave a proper mark, but bands like Fleet Foxes ease my fear a bit.


I'm gonna go with Kid Cudi feat. Wale "Look up in the Stars" because this song gets me so hype!

Kid Kudi has a chill way of doing things that I really like.
It's where it's not too much but it's just enough to have his presence known and appreciated on the track.

<3 Lmo

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