Music Mondays. 5.4.09

Lack of post=Finals week=Lo siento, pero.....

I just took my geology final (and think I aced that sucka! yeeee haaa! lol) and in celebration of my last week of school, I'm gonna hit you with that throwback Three 6 Mafia "Smoked Out", "Im So High", AND "Weak Ass Bitch"(which is accompanied with a hilarious video btw)!

I know you're probably wondering,"What in the hell do these songs have to do with finals week?" LOL
Well, they just remind me of s u m m e r!

One of the good things about growing up in the Mid-West and the South is that you most likely grew up on Three 6 Mafia (and if you didn't, sucks for you. lol)

Three 6 was like the soundtrack to our crazy adventures that were worthy of a mini-series (where me and Leslie would then get our own spin-off in reality T.V world, lol).
And the best adventures were the ones that were completely spontaneous and random!

Whether it was:
-Riding through The City(East St.Louis, IL)
-Meeting random people in STL.
-Doing illegal activities like drag racing.
-Getting crunker than Lil Jon's grandma in the club. lol
-Rap battles with foreign white dudes.
-"Parking lot pimpin"
-Dance-offs with hobos.
-Jumping fences to get into someone's pool (and breaking fences, lmao)
-Foam parties(now I have pics of those, gotta post em for nostalgia sake)
-etc. etc. etc. etc.
Point is, we kicked it so hard in highschool and Three 6 Mafia was usually there to sing us a song.

- Jai

Okay, this is LMo and I gotta make this quick cause I have school stuff and work but my pick is T.I. "Motivation".

"Motivation" because that's what I need to get through these last weeks of school! LOL

<3 LMo

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