The MTV Movie Awards usually suck but this year is quite the opposite!

First of all, Andy Samberg is freaking hilarious! (seriously how funny was that opening, "Intervention!")

Everyone looks great and all the performances and short movies are dope but...
the stand out moment has to be the Eminem vs. Bruno debacle!

If you don't know who Bruno is, it's Sacha Baron Conen's (aka Borat) new ridiculous character.

Bruno came flying down from the ceiling to present an award in a crazy angel/chicken costume with his ace cheeks exposed when he got "stuck" and they had to reel him down but it happened to be directly on Eminem's face, vertically!

So basically Bruno's ace and blueberries were directly in Eminem's face.
Eminem's security/entourage then attack Bruno and Eminem storms out of the building.

It was probably one of the most classic TV moments I've ever witnessed!

And I honestly don't think Eminem knew about it.
Let's face it, there was a better chance of having Obama agree to be apart of it over Eminem.

My entire family was either jumping up and down, screaming and laughing hysterically or in awe, speechless!

I can NOT wait until they put the clip up on YouTube, I will most likely watch it every day for the rest of my life.

P.S. The Twighlight cast has officially taken over MTV.

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