Pissed off in the rain, just pissed off in the rain!

Friday was unpardonable.
It wasn't unfortunate, unpleasant or just plain dreadful, that bia was effing unpardonable.

Let me explain.

So my lil bro-ham, Brad, needed help moving out of his dorm so of course my parents send me to assist (since Im such a pro at moving crap...NOT).
I had to do all this crap before I left on the two hour trip so I got a late start.
I head out at 3:37 p.m. and I didn't get to Mizzou until 7:12 p.m and you wanna know why it took me over three hours instead of the normal two?

Well, I'll you why.
A little thing I like to call a tornado.
Yep. It was horrible!

I knew it was trouble when:
a) the temperature dropped from 85 degrees to 58 degrees in 10 minutes!
b) there was a hurricane in the middle of Missouri

So when I finally get to his dorm I remember,"Damn, Brad doesn't have an elevator on his floor!" and this nigga is on the 5th floor!
Therefore, we had to move all his crap that was on the 5th floor with no elevator during a mu'fuggin thunder storm!

I planned to go out to some graduation festivities later that night but I just freaking fell asleep due to exhuastion. lol

So we chilled Saturday and before we jumped on the road, I turn on that classic Ru Paul "Bass in Your Walk" and the rest is drag queen history.
Before you watch the video, let me show you some highlights to look out for:

1. Brad knocks Leslie on the floor.

2. Brad's awkward leap frog in the air.

3. Brad vogues his butt and Leslie looks like a man.


BTW, in my sister's defense, she is not wearing giant underwear but rather a night gown that's tucked into her pants and she may look like a man in this video but she is actually a pretty, young vagina owner, lol, who normally looks like this:

Oh and shot out to the homie Nebula for putting this video up on her blog.

P.S. If you don't know about the Ru Paul show "Drag Race" this video will sum it up and bring sooo much joy to your life. Especially Bebe's verse at 1:21:

"Face. Face. Face! I need Face! Beauty. FACE!
You can take. It's OK! Watch my body go insane!
If you ever feel the need, that you want to be free, Come right now and walk the beat."
-Bebe aka Camerooooon

"You're a fierce bitch, man. I'm scared of you."



  1. OMG their walks in the end had me dying!!

  2. LOL! Me too!
    I love when Brad says,"Excuse me, Im walking." and then Leslie says,"No. Im walking."
    I just love those lil goobers.