Too blessed to be stressed?

I'm very blessed but the "no stress" part doesn't apply to me right now.

First of all, for anyone who reads this blog, I am so sorry for being on hobo mode. lol
I have been crazy busy/ stressed out/ trying to have fun in the 2 week break between the end of my spring semester and the beginning of my summer session. 
And LMo's internet was out so she couldn't contribute either, but it's up and running now :)

I've even been slacking on facebook pics.
Ya girl still has to put up photos from March and that's craziness from someone who has acquired the nickname "Paparazzi".

But let me fill you in on why I'm so stressed:


So for the next 4-5 weeks I am taking two summer classes.
One of them, Media Law, happens to be the hardest class for my major.
I'm talking about mugs have to take this class like 3 or 4 times to pass it!
And to make matters worse, the ONLY grade in the entire class for summer session is our final but I refuse to take this class more than once so Im studying my ass off!

My second class in Accounting and I am horrible at it!
I tried to take it during the spring and ended up dropping it, hoping that I would get an easier professor during the summer (b/c the man doesn't take any partial credit, as in if you miss one tiny step and he deducts 40 points from your test, yeah...bullshit)
So this morning, I walk into my 8:00 a.m. class (continuation of bullshit AND it's 3x a week) and who do I see? 
The same professor I had before! 
I was livid! 
Therefore, I am pretty much taking two of the hardest classes at the same time.


I have an internship this summer in California.
I was gonna drive out there right after my "hell on earth classes" ended and do like 40 weeks an hour to knock the 225 hours I have to complete.
But now I am having trouble finding housing!
I'm trying to graduate and this would eff up all my plans!
But thank God, I think I found one in ATL!
So I have to balance studying 5 hours a day and getting all my ish together and approved for my new internship by June 4th!

I am going to have NO life besides this party I'm going to on Friday and a photoshoot I have.
Pray for me y'all!

I am going to try super hard to get some pics/video up here cause we have been kicking it!

But I'm off to work so I'll holla.

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