Blackberry vs. iPhone

Red Sox vs. Yankees
Paper vs. Plastic
Uncle Phil vs. Jazz
The Bush Administration vs. The Constitution
Doug Funny vs. Rodger Klotz
Roe vs. Wade
Tony Perkis vs. fat kids
Charlie Murphy vs. Rick James
Martin vs. Pam
Spider Man vs. Green Goblin
Jacob vs. Edward
Pimps vs. Hoes
Plankton vs. Mr. Krabs
Israel vs. Palestine
Jan Brady vs. Marcia Brady
Biggie vs. T-Pac
Harry Potter vs. Voldermort
Stewy vs. Lois
Alladin vs. Jaffar
Red sock vs. white load
Uncle Jessie vs. Kimmie Gibler
Blood vs. Crips
The Brain vs. the world
Inspector Gadget vs. The Claw
Steve Urkel vs. Carl Winslow
Power Rangers vs. Rita Repulsa
Alien vs. Predator
N*Sync vs. The Backstreet Boys
Ike vs. Tina
Fox News vs. the truth
Timmy Turner vs. Vicki
Nintendo vs. Sega
Optimus Prime vs. Megatron

Yes, those may be some of the greatest rivalries of all time but there is only one that I'm concerned with right now and that is...

Blackberry vs. iPhone

I don't know which one to get!
The contract on my phone expired a few months ago but I am waiting to get a new phone until I decide between the two.

I thought the Blackberry Storm was a no brainer.

Everyone loves their Blackberry and says it's way better than iPhone because,"The iPhone can't do things that a regular phone can."(someone please explain this to me!)
Also, iPhones don't have insurance and I heard they crash? hmmm
So yeah, I was going with the Blackberry Storm until...

iPhone came out with a left hook to the tally whacker. lol
Since 2008, there has been the rumor that the iPhone might be available on Verizon and me-a-likey! lol
And of course, Apple just unleashed the newer,better,faster,stronger (random:Daft Punk is the ish) iPhone the other day and this ad I just received in my inbox is rather tempting:

So, customers of The Clearance Aisle, show me the way!
Should I eff with the iPhone or the Blackberry Storm?


  1. Iphones, I don't believe can do blue tooth or make videos. I say get the blackberry but I don't like blackberries they suck to me all of them. But it seems like the better choice. I also like the g1 that phones pretty nice and the palm pre is an excellent choice if you want sprint, I know a few of my friends who have it. So my choice is probably the bb but I do love the palm pre look it up.

  2. I have a BlackBerry! Get a Blackberry, they're the shit!!!!!

  3. So Blackberry is kicking iPhone's ace? lol
    And heck yeah I heard that Palm Pre is fire!

  4. I have a iphone....it would rock it it had mms!

  5. Get the Blackberry, I read that the new iphone and all its new "features" aren't completely ironed out yet and will take some time till are those doohickies are 100% operational

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  7. Yeah, looks like I'll be going with the Negroberry. lol And thanks for all the help guys.

  8. the blackberry aint got SHIT on the iphone!.. the only people that believe that the blackberry is better, cant get the iphone... as i said in twitter, the iphone would give the blackberry 81... and sit the 4th quarter! its not even close... i have a friend that has the blackberry because a waiter spilled water on his iphone (yeeaaaoowwww), and all he talks about is how he misses his iphone! you can't lose with the iphone...

  9. Damn, now what the freak do I do? uggggg.
    And the power struggle between iPhone and BB continues....

    BTW Nichols, I didnt even see your "iphone would give the blackberry 81" comment on Twitter before I sent you here.
    Me and my dude Nuplet were already talking about it on Twitter and then you said something about ur iPhone effing up your words so thats why I even sent you here.
    This is just a wierd ass coincidence that makes me look like an awkward mini stalker...DAMN. lol