Down down do yo dance.

A few years ago there was a show called "Dance on Sunset" that used to come on Teen Nick on Sunday nights.

The dude who choreographed the dancers and semi-hosted the show was a guy named Tony Testa and babeeey(in New Orleans accent) he was booku creepy!

I'm talking level 10 creepy.
He reminds me of a vampire with dancing ability.
It's not something you can explain, it's more of something you must experience to fully understand where I'm coming from.

Brad(my bro) and I would endure this show with all these crazy screaming children just to laugh at Tony's weirdness, creepiness, and general doe-doe headness.
To this day we still talk about Tony and try to find Tony look-a-likes roaming among us.

I finally found some videos that showcase his creepy level. Go to minute 5:23 please:

And his choreo speaks a thousands words, so funny!:

Hold up!

I actually found some promising choreo from Senor Testa.
I knew he had to have some dopeness running through those vampire veins of his:

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