Hippie vs. Hipster

These are the things I think about while waiting for my ACCT teacher's office hours.

Are modern day hipsters the equivalent to hippies of the 60s?
(This question has been popping up in my random brain for weeks now.)

Hippies don't care about societal norms and actually have a cause.
They are just really chill, content, and honestly don't give a fug.

While most hipsters believe they don't care about societal norms(but really do), rarely stand for a cause, and they give too much of a fug(e.g. constantly getting in line with a clothing or musical trend yet they think they are "cutting edge" and then end up playing them out).

Rant warning:
Sometimes hipsters can get annoying.
I hate when people think "OMG! I am sooo ahead of this trend!" and then they play it out!
I'm just think, "Do you know how old that ish is?"
For instance, the "dork" glasses that I am wearing in the photo to the right:
I bought a pair of those in 2004 and some people are just now catching on!
Now they are so played out but I refuse to stop wearing them because they all of a sudden got "cool" in 2007-2008 and everyone jumped on the "dork" glasses bandwagon.
Same thing goes for items like leather bomber jackets, or jean jackets, or skinny leg jeans, etc...
it took YEARS for people to catch on but they swear they are cutting edge fashionistas. lol
(and if they eff up poodle skirts, I'll be livid! lol)
Thanks Kanye West! lol

But, I checked out some stuff on the interweb and it turns out both have full-fledged haters.

Well, I'm content with being labeled an "individual"(even though I think hippies are groovy. lol)

P.S. I love how in my picture I am wearing "hipster" glasses while I throw up the stereotypical hippie peace sign. As Alanis Morissette would say, "Isn't it ironic? Don't cha think?" lol

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  1. hipsters are definitely not modern day hippies...there are few actual hippies left sadly... hipsters are just trendy in general, just as bad as frat/sorority types honestly, except a few actual art students perhaps...
    hippies are generally against the cultural norms, hipsters ARE the cultural norms.