Boricua, Morena.

So Jeremih was on 106th and Park yesterday and I've been noticing alot of controversy about the girl in the video.

Basically people are tripping over the fact that she "looks" white.
As I said here, clearly the chick is not white.
I have family members on my mom's side who look like her that aren't even bi-racial.

Now on the video above, Jeremih explains that she is Brasilian.
So now people are basically saying she is neither black nor white, but Brasilian.
That girl is probably mixed (Black,white, and Indian) like Adriana Lima and many other Brasilians.
Brasilian is not a race, it is a nationality!
And that goes the same for American, Puerto Rican, Jamaican, Australian etc. it is NOT a race, but rather a nationality.

If people haven't realized it by now, black people don't come in one "make or model".
We are the most racially mixed people on the planet and we don't only live in America or Africa.

This whole race vs. nationality debate really gets my fist pumping. lol
Mainly because of the separation that it yields between black people in America and other black people all over the world who were separated in the African Diaspora. 

We are ALL brothers and sisters, no matter where our ancestors were sold/located to in the world.
The blood that runs through my American veins and the veins of a person in Puerto Rico, Panama, Brasil, Cuba, the West Indies (or any other country/island that housed African slaves) is the same blood as far as Im concerned.
I don't care if you happen to speak Portuguese or Spanish and I speak English, we are still connected through Africa.
That is why I prefer referring to myself as a "Black-American" rather than an "African-American" because "Black-American" is more inclusive for all black people.

And, did you know that Brasil has the largest population of black people in the world outside of Africa?
Don't be.
America only got 6% of the African slaves while Brasil got 38% of the African slaves.
That's alot of Brasilain negros. lol
And the remaining 44% went to countries like Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Belize, Jamaica, Columbia, Haiti, Cuba etc.

In fact, I just read an article that said that black people are now the racial majority of Brasil at 49.6% while the white population is at 49.4%.
Could you imagine America where black people were nearly half of the country?
Crazy. We are only at like 12% in the U.S.

This is kinda random but if you loved the movies City of God and City of Men like I did, check out this video below. It cracked me the eff up and it pokes fun at the racism in Brasil!

Furthermore, most people think that Latino/Hispanic is a race of people but again it is just a cultural identity.

There are black Latinos (Afro-Latinos or Morenos from the slaves), white Latinos (like Spaniards), Indian Latinos (like the Borinquen/Taino tribe in Puerto Rico or the Mayans/Aztecs in Mexico) and Asian Latinos (Japanese and Chinese people that migrated) and of course mulattos or mestizos (aka mixed).

Below, I put these pictures up to show you there is basically no difference between black Americans and black Latinos(and me and Leslie would know, we are confused all the time. lol)

LMo- Black American Zoe Saldana- Puerto Rican & Dominican American
Me-Black American Christina Milian- Cuban American
We basically have the same features/hair/skin color; there is no difference.

But I remember learning about slavery in a class where my teacher talked about how there is a really black and white (no pun intended, lol) classification of race in America while Latinos have tons of classifications.
Alot of the times those classifications were a way to "divide and conquer" the African slave population all over the world because slave owners were afraid of a huge revolt so they tried to separate and categorize us into "new" races of people.

Sadly, it worked because people are still ignorant hundreds of years later. 

Imagine the power Black-Americans, West Indians and Latinos would foster if we became more unified, hopefully it will happen sooner than later.

P.S. I got interested in this whole Latino thing when I was a little kid visiting NYC for the first time. I was swimming and this Puerto Rican girl came up to me speaking Spanish and she confused the hell outta me. lol I started wondering why we looked so much alike even though she "wasn't" black. I started researching and realized it's because we are probably both mixed with black, white and Indian. And when I went to Puerto Rico last summer, I saw a girl that looked like my effing twin. It was insane!

P.S.S. Read this article. It is so informative man. I still have that old ace magazine from 2004 just because of that article. lol

But, tell me YOUR thoughts on this whole subject...


  1. dang you SNAPPED!! and i loved every moment of it. you know you do your research and speak straight truth...and i love even more how you drew the comparisons between our pics and other ppl's pics vs our nationalities. get it my friend!!

  2. dang you SNAPPED my friend!! and you know you do your research so i know you are speaking straight truth. people worry too much about race. that kind of minor crap really shouldnt even matter like that. i like even more how you put our pics up in comparison to those other pics vs our nationalities. good work sista!! cure all this ignorance

  3. every pics are beautiful!!^^

  4. Thanks cookie crisp!
    (perfect example: He may be French but his race is black, lol)

    P.S.& think about Mexicans vs. Puerto Ricans. Most Mexicans are white and/or Indian(some do have black blood but mainly in southern Mexico) while Puerto Ricans have wayyy more black blood. That explains J.Lo's booty via mother Africa, have you ever seen a thick Indian? lol

  5. At least someone knows their heritage!!! I am so proud of you for educating people. i thought I was the ONLY one!!! I am Dominican, and I speak fluent Spanish, but because Of my darker skin- people think that I'm just a black girl, I don't deny that- its just sad to have to explain that to some people, then they think you are just trying to be spanish because you don't want to be classified as black.

  6. Thank you so much!
    I hope we all get it together one day especially with more Latinos coming to this country.
    It has to be so frustrating for you to have to explain that you are both Latino and black...all the time.
    Oh well, keep explaining until they understand our history.
    And Im trying to go to the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic!
    I'll be speaking dang near fluent Spanish after 27 months of living there.
    yes! lol

  7. i love what your saying here. my mother is puertorican and my father is black so im mixed. stupid people dont believe me when i tell them this and the sad truth is they just dont know anything.like in the music video boricua morena they have lite and dark skin girls so i dont know what there talking about.when people ask me what am i the first thing i say is puertorican just to piss them off

  8. hahaha!
    I swear I want to write another post about the Sammy Sosa craziness of him bleaching his skin and wearing those green contacts at the Latin Grammys but I have like no time with school.

    It's so sad that we still have this mentality.

  9. ive always known i was black!! :) like i said before, i love your knowledge, you've re-opened my eyes and made me aware of myself and where i come from. It's sad when black people treat Latinos such as myself as a whole different type of person, even going as far as considering us "white".. and inversely, spanish people looking down on black people because they'd rather consider themselves white, thank acknowledge their black roots. Peace!

  10. Every black person is not necessarily african american. There are black euopeans and even tons of black latinas because during the atlantic slave trade the majority of the slaves actuall went to Central and South America. Not Alot of people know that. Over 90% of the african slaves went to South America. So that is why they look black because they are.They have the same african ancestry we have. Our ancestors just went to different parts of the Americas.

  11. lol
    Man, there is so much that people dont know about themselves and I wish we would all get familiar.
    "Know thy history. Know thy self." (future tatt of mine...)

  12. Yes, I agree with you to the fullest; but truth is that Latino are just what it says in the united states; It divides black to keep them ignorant and separate. But God is not sleep and it is a pay day one day.

  13. Wow, I'm simply speechless. This article is so true I this pictures of I n lmo to further support ur argument #nocomment. Have u ever read Clotel by William Wells Brown? If not do so. It further explains the ignorance of black when its pertaining to "light-skinned blacks" I'm telling u black people continue to enslave themselves due to lack of knowledge. We were once forbidden to learn n educate ourselves now we do it on our own. Girl cuddos to u for posting this I enjoyed it.knowledge is def powerful

  14. Thanks Jen! I'm glad you enjoyed the post.
    When will we learn? Man...