Music Mondays. 6.15.09

My song is Elton John's "Benny and the Jets".
Partly because this is one my favorite songs.
Mainly because me and that cool dude Brandon(aka Pimp Daddy) were rocking out hard to this song the other night in the car like some corny niggies. gnr.
That's what dreams are made of (and corny movie scenes).haha

P.S. You may notice I wrote "gnr" instead of "lol".
Well if you haven't already received the mass text it reads:
"Attention all black people we NO longer say "lol" we say "gnr"(gotta nigga rolling), pass it to every black person. lol"
I'm just following procedure. gnr.

"Bad Habit" by Maxwell=I love it!
I am addicted to this song and I just jam to it all day long.
Plus, it reminds me of my other cut "Pretty Wings" with the dope jazzy feel.
It just proves that "BLACKsummersnight" is about to be the buisness.
And he just shot the video with Kerry Washington. I can't wait to see it.

If the video is taken down, listen to the song here.

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