No one on the corner has SWAGGER like us.

Hey guys! 
Sorry I haven't been selling you all anything lately, but I was running low on merchandise. lol

Anywho, I just love the Mid-West!!!
No matter where I end up in life, I will always love the tremendous amount of swag these middle states produce! 

So, Jai and I are originally from East St. Louis, IL and I'm proud to say there is actually a decent female rap group that was recently signed to Def Jam and they are getting mad love.

The group goes by the name Unladylike and their album drops soon. 

I know that it's hard to come up out of East St. Louis, so I have to show some amount of support bc they are actually doing their thing.
I'm not mad at it!!!

Back to the topic at hand....this youtube video is of these 3 guys, or should I call them Swag-Masters, from the 618. 
They are dancing to Unladylike's song "Dough" and let me just say, I enjoyed it very much! lol

There is something about how an ESTL/STL boy dances that gives so much justice to this dance era.

It's just so cute :)



  1. They were promoting her CD (see: leaving it on the bar) at a really popular club here in Dallas. Congrats East St. Louis!!!

  2. is leaving it on the bar a video?? i couldnt find it :(