R.I.P Michael Jackson

I can't believe how hurt I am over this.
I was sleep and "106th and Park" came on.
I kept hearing them say that Michael Jackson was in the hospital which kept waking me up but I thought they were tripping.
My phone kept blowing up but I didn't answer it and then Araina called me.
She's like,"You know Micheal Jackson died?"
I didn't believe her at all until I turned it on CNN.
Then I screamed, "No! Oh my Goddddddddd!" exactly like this boy:

Then came the water works.
I could not stop crying!
I can't believe how sad I am over his death.
"This is bad, real bad, Michael Jackson."

I have always loved Michael Jackson since I was a lil midget but I didnt expect this.
But then again what negro under the age of 45 didn't grow up to him and/or The Jackson 5?

He is one of those entertainers who inspired you and made you proud!
He made me proud to be from the Mid-West and he continued to co-sign on how talented and beautiful black people are.

No one can touch him.

He changed music.
He changed dance.
He changed pop culture.
He made history.

R.I.P Michael Jackson

Here are a few of my favorite Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson videos:


1. Who do we have left? Prince and Stevie Wonder?

2. I am really sad I never got to see him in concert.

3. The lady with the doves? I know she is effed up right now.

4. I was already geeked to see the BET Awards and now I am just estatic for the MJ tributes.

5. How many people are gonna dress up as Michael Jackson for Halloween this year? lol


  1. You kno i am all with you on #3! lol
    And i was thinking about #5 too .
    Such a sad day for all..

    p.s i love rock with you :)
    p.s.s. He rocks out in the Dirty Diana video(u should add that!)

    R.I.P. Micheal Jackson.

  2. First off just wanna say i love ur blog. Caught on to you two from The Segment.

    Buttttt I too am still in schock!! Every once n a while I still trip over Luther. Yes still!! Words can't explain. My co workers and I were talkin about your #1 as well.
    *OH n kuddos to whoever picked out "never can say goodbye" timeless song. plus its in my favorite moveie, Crooklyn
    R.I.P. Michael

  3. Thanks!
    Yeah I dont think that Luther got the proper goodbye when he passed or James Brown for that matter.
    And hell yeah I love Crooklyn!
    I think that's why I love that song so much now that I think about.
    And now everytime I hear it, I cry!
    This sucks.

  4. This is a sad time for all and interestingly enough, people are hurt all over the world. How amazing it is for ONE person to make such an impact with their passion; MJ's being his music. Makes you really think about your life...

    Through his ups, through his downs.. no matter who you are and where you live, "you've been hit by... you've been hit by" Michael Jackson.